AMVETS Scholarships

The AMVETS National Scholarship applications for 2020 are being graded and winners will be notified by the end of July and will reopen in mid-January.

AMVETS offers scholarships through our National Service Foundation (NSF).

The Lowe’s + AMVETS Scholarships applications will be open beginning August 3rd, 2020.

Generation T

Lowes + AMVETS + Generation T

Through a corporate grant from the Lowe’s Companies, Inc., AMVETS is pleased to offer scholarships and Veteranpreneur business grants to Veterans and their spouses.

Generation T Scholarships are offered to Veterans and spouses who would like to enter into or advance their career in the skilled trades industry.

The Lowe’s + AMVETS Technology Scholarships are offered to student Veterans and spouses who are undergraduate Juniors or Seniors and are currently studying Computer Science.

The Veteranpreneur business grants are for skilled tradespeople who aspire to operate their own business in the skilled trades industry.

For more information about scholarships and Veteranpreneur grants, click the icons below or contact Lindsay Bonaparte at lbonaparte -at- amvets -dot- org or 301-683-4069.

Applications will be accepted from August 3rd through October 2nd, 2020.

Generation T Scholarships   Lowe's/AMVETS Technology Scholarship   Veteranpreneur Business Grant

Past Recipients:

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