ROTC is now recognized as a primary source for recruiting the nation’s military officers. AMVETS ROTC and JROTC medals and certificates—authorized by Army and Air Force regulations—can be ordered from the National Quartermaster. Although no such regulation exist for Navy or Marine Corps ROTC units, they can still participate. The award, consisting of medal pendant and ribbon bar, is presented annually to the outstanding cadet at each participating ROTC and JROTC unit.

The citeria is set by AFROTC Instructions 36-2020. AMVETS ROTC Medal is detailed in section 4.20. Please refer to the document referenced for full information; however, the essential points are:

4.20.1. Purpose. The award recognizes one cadet at each detachment at the end of their first year in the AFROTC program. (“First year” is not restricted to AS 100 cadets.)

4.20.2. Eligibility. Each cadet must: demonstrate a positive attitude toward the Air Force and AFROTC, demonstrate a neat personal appearance (uniform wear, posture and grooming), demonstrate outstanding personal attributes (initiative, dependability, judgment and self-confidence), demonstrate officer potential (responsibility, adaptability, high personal standards), have attained a grade of “A” in AFROTC during the most recent grading period, and be in good academic standing in all university course work.

If you are an instructor and would like an AMVETS J/ROTC Medal and Certificate for a deserving Cadet, please submit a request below.

Certificates will be processed on the 1st and the 15th of every month. If you have not received within 10 to 14 business days, please call 301-683-4031.

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