Reintegrating Warriors

Warrior Transition Workshops

AMVETS Warrior Transition Workshops are post-deployment training programs for service members and veterans, with a focus on those struggling with combat stress (PTS) and readjustment issues resulting from one or more deployments. The program is a three-day, hands-on reintegration training program. The workshops are provided at no cost to the veteran.


Participant comments from a workshop held November 16-18, 2018

C. L. (Army, 10 years, 4 combat tours OIF) – It was totally wonderful – full of amazing exercises that opened up the inside; helped each of us – how to maintain and build up. Because we all need a moment to bring our feelings out in the open.

E. L. (Navy 12.5 years) – Breath taker; learned I was in charge of my happiness. Everything we did was productive. Recommend all vets do it.

V. K. (National Guard, 14 years OIF) – Proud of my service. Proud to be a gay woman. It was very impressive. Although I had support when I came out there was still something missing. I realized I was still carrying a lot of stuff. I learned to move forward – how to swim to the top of the water and take a breath. I will use this weekend to continue to work on my PTS, MST and others.

J. A. (Active Duty Army, 19 years) – It really brought out the root of my issues and the complication in my life. It opened my eyes to a whole new life I wanted to live. Every veterans needs to be able to express themselves and this is a great way to do it. Enlightening; Empowering.

M. S. (Army, 4 years) – Very good- recommend it to other veterans.

J. L. (Airforce 28 years) – It helped me embrace the parts of me I can’t share with the general population, best part was the ritual, ropes, sword, American Indian and our interaction as a group.

A. S. (Army, 21 years, OEF/OIF) – Each of us learned what was holding us back and what we need to due to overcome them. The exercises were good and appreciated the different approaches that were used.

C. F. (Army 7years, OIF) – Helped me feel less alone. The exercises were eye opening. Helped shape my perspective for a better life. Got what I needed to move my life forward – didn’t realize what I lost along the way.

S. S. (Army 22 years) – Yes, it helped me find out what were some of the obstacles keeping me from finding my purpose after the military. I learned what I was still carrying without even knowing it.

E. Y. (Navy 11 years OIF) – Great group; great help and support.

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Warrior Transition Workshops


AMVETS Warrior Transition Workshops integrate a peer-to-peer approach to help veterans learn how to re-establish connections with their friends, families, occupations, and society as well as to reduce the impact of combat trauma. The Workshops are not mental health programs; but post-deployment training programs. These programs are not designed to replace such services but provide additional support mechanism as well as provide an alternative route for those who do not want to see a mental health counselor. The Workshops are open to active duty, veterans, Guard and Reserve regardless of rank or conflict. AMVETS partners with Freedom&Honor.org (Providence Management & Communications Corp.) to provide the Workshops, which have demonstrated statistically significant outcomes in reduction of Sleep Disturbance, Anger, Anxiety and Social Isolation.

For more information and/or to register for the next AMVETS Warrior Transition Workshop in your area, please contact: Shanelle Lopez in AMVETS National Programs (slopez -at- amvets -dot- org).

Employing Veterans

As of November 30, 2016 our Career Center Team achieved Call of Duty Endowment’s 2016 goal of placing 450 veterans into jobs this year!

AMVETS Call of Duty Endowment Career Centers provide free of charge career training and employment assistance for veterans, active duty service members, National Guard & Reserve, and their spouses. AMVETS Career Centers are staffed by volunteers, who will reach out to the local community to find veterans in need of jobs and match them up with veteran-friendly employers.


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AMVETS Career Centers


There is a staggering unemployment rate among returning veterans, especially in the 18-24 age group. AMVETS is committed to addressing this challenge.

Our country owes our veterans a lot and there are hundreds of state, federal, non-profit and private organizations and agencies trying to help them. AMVETS CODE Career Centers continuously host and participate in outreach activities with our partners that facilitate the unique partnership between academic institutions and community based organizations. We are poised with resources to help our veterans make the right connections and transition successfully from military to civilian life. AMVETS CODE Career Centers provide free of charge career training and employment assistance for:

  • Veterans
  • Active duty service members
  • National Guard & Reserve
  • Spouses

AMVETS Call of Duty Endowment Career Centers staff will reach out to the local community and surrounding counties to find veterans in need of jobs and match you up with veteran- friendly employers.

Our services Include:

  • Career assessment to help veterans make good career choicesoeanedrea2
  • Claims and benefits assistance referrals
  • Training and educational options that will help the veteran develop work-related skills employers want
  • Help obtain licensing and certification assistance to help veterans document work-related skills
  • Interview skills that help veterans know what to expect during employment interviews
  • Resume writing to help veterans market themselves to employers – Job search assistance to help veterans maximize their job search effectiveness
  • Support services to help veterans find employment with veteran friendly employers
  • Interview clothing that will be provided for veterans who need wardrobe assistance



Healing Heroes

AMVETS Healing Heroes is a program providing assistance to the families of wounded warriors as they recuperate. One hundred percent of all donations, every penny, goes toward grants to help families pay for travel, lodging, child care and other costs necessary to allow families to be at the bedsides of their wounded warriors — right where they belong. To date, we have provided over $1.3 million to service members and their families as they heal.

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Healing Heroes

Every day our brave young men and women–over 52,000 to date–are returning home from Iraq, Afghanistan and other hot spots around the world having been severely wounded in combat. They and their loved ones face months of physical, emotional and financial challenges ahead of them. AMVETS’ motto, “Veterans Helping Veterans” truly demonstrates the spirit of our Healing Heroes Program.

The government provides for all of the medical expenses for treating our wounded warriors and provides limited support for the spouse or parent of a single serviceman or woman. However, many spend months recuperating and receiving therapy in polytrauma centers far from their homes. Financial assistance to help their entire family unit spend some precious time together just does not exist. AMVETS’ Healing Heroes Program will address this very real need. Requests for assistance are facilitated by DoD Federal Recovery Coordinators and/or VA Polytrauma Case Workers.

Please feel free to contact Shanelle Lopez of AMVETS National Programs at 301-683-4031 with any questions or for further information on this program.


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