Quality Post and Department Distinction Award

Quality Posts & Departments = Membership Retention

‘The Quality Distinction Award’ provides a focal point for recognizing your Post’s and/or Department’s collective ability to fulfill the Mission of AMVETS. Throughout the year, AMVETS members work diligently to obtain and retain members, provide services to veterans and their communities.

To be recognized for the ‘Quality Work’ you are doing, submit your online application before the July 31st deadline. (The application process will close, and no further applications will be accepted after 12:01 am August 1st.)

First Step: Revalidate

All Posts/Departments are required to revalidate by July 15th each year.

The Officers should complete the online application to determine if they qualify for the Distinction Award.

Second Step: Determination factors

Third Step: Grading

Each question will autoscore (grading schedule is shown on application)

National Programs Department will validate information submitted

‘Set goals’ for the next year – if met, you will receive additional points next year.

Forth Step: Recognition

Qualifying posts and departments receive plaque and a Gold “Q” at the Fall National Executive Committee (NEC). (If your post has a plaque you will receive a plate.)

A Gold “Q’ will be given to place on the Revalidated Charter.

NOTE: Additional pins for members of qualifying Posts will be for sale through the Quarter Master with the Post Commander’s validation.

A list of all current year Quality Posts and Departments will be on the AMVETS website at quality posts/departments and in the National Programs Blast.


It helps the posts and departments to identify all levels of programs and best practices so they can continue to grow and serve.

Posts and Departments the opportunity to show off their activities, membership, and related programs.

It is a means to attract new members, donors, volunteers and much more.

How to Apply:

The process is easy, answer the questions and receive points, which will determine whether your post or department is Quality.

To complete the application, you will need the following information:

  1. Last Revalidation Date
  2. Membership numbers for the past two (2) fiscal years
    a. Total number of renewing members
    b. Total number of new annual and lifetime members
  3. 3. Reporting Information – run report for Period ending June and December of last calendar year
    a. Did your post report for both Reporting Periods?
    b. Service Program accomplishments for the program year
    c. Post Participation in National Programs (Americanism Youth Contest, JROTC Medal Presentation, VAVS, etc.)
  4. Did your post achieve National Quality Distinction the previous year?
  5. Write about two (2) or more goals for the upcoming fiscal year with between 25-50 words (points will be provided to your score for the following year)

You will sign-up by clicking “BEGIN.” An account will be generated for you through the Kaleidoscope platform. An email will then be sent, requesting you to create a password so that you can access the system.

NOTE: The same information is needed at the Department level, which will include some of the Posts’ information. All fields must be fully complete and e-signed online.

NOW YOU ARE READY TO GO AND APPLY AT https://app.mykaleidoscope.com/scholarship/amvetsqualitypostanddepartment

You may print off a copy of the submitted application for you records.

After June 15, 2020 we will no longer accept any paper applications.*

*Online applications are required as the questions and grading has improved to ensure a fair chance at ‘Quality Distinction’.

Any paper applications sent or postdated before June 15, 2020, will be submitted into the system by the National Programs Department. We will reach out to you if we have any questions or need clarification so that you have an equal chance of receiving the Quality Post Award. A pdf copy of the application and confirmation receipt will be sent via email.

Applications sent or postdate after June 15, 2020, must be completed online to be reviewed.

For questions or assistance contact the National Programs Department at Programs -at- amvets -dot- org prior to the July 15th deadline.

Click Here To Apply

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