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Non-Traditional Program Reporting

The last four choices in the drop down box are for non-traditional Program reporting and they are associated with the other four National Departments. These choices also “require” a comment to briefly define the activity before the information can be submitted.

Program Category Definitions

These are not all inclusive, they are offered only as examples.

AADAA: AMVETS Against Drugs and Alcohol Abuse, administering the AADAA Poster & Essay Contest and/or supporting a local community group working with a “recovery” program.

Americanism: Poster & Essay Contest, Parades, Public Ceremonies, etc.

Blood Drives: Sponsoring/hosting a community blood drive on behalf of the American Red Cross or providing members to donate for other community sponsored drives. PLEASE NOTE: According to AABB, as blood is freely donated by volunteers, there is no monetary value that may be reported. Patients that receive blood do not pay for the actual blood itself, rather the services applied to processing blood products (i.e. infectious testing, typing, etc.) Please report the “pints” donated in the “comment field.” No cash/donation entries. Thank you.

Care Bear: Raising money and purchasing Teddy Bears to donate to police agencies for distribution to children in emergency situations.

Clothing & Food Drives: Pretty straight forward, conducting your own or providing manpower to assist other organizations.

Fund Raising: Fund Raising – DO NOT REPORT DONATIONS YOU GIVE TO OTHERS HERE. (Donations given to your Post by other groups/individuals could be reported here. The amount would not go in the Donation Column, you would put the amount received and from who, in the Comment Field.) This category should be used to report what fund raising projects you are doing. How your post raises money to be used for your various veteran and community projects. Anything from Bingo to Steak Frys, etc. In the comment field enter both the name of your fund raiser and the amount you raise. Other columns reflect the volunteers, fund raising costs, etc. DONATIONS YOUR POST MAKES TO OTHER GROUPS may be reported on the specific category line, e.g., Special Olympics, Homeless Veterans OR if it is a Donation to an organization not associated with a specific reporting category, then use the “Other” (Community Service) Category. Identify the cause/organization in the (comment field) and put the $$ amount in the Donation column on that line.

Homeless Veterans: Homeless Veterans – Conducting or supporting Stand Downs, counseling, donations to agencies working on behalf of Homeless Veterans, participating in a community Continuum of Care.

Military Funeral Honors: For Posts with volunteers and/or formal Honor Guards that participate in conducting MFH for our veterans at any cemetery.

Organ & Bone Marrow Donors: Cooperating with local community groups or doing stand-alone educational programs using our literature. Soliciting members to serve as Bone Marrow Donors.

POW/MIA: Prisoner Of War/Missing In Action – Provide support to families, conduct POW/MIA ceremonies at community military and veterans gatherings.

ROTC: Reserve Officer Training Corp – Donating, presenting the AMVETS ROTC awards and/or conducting JROTC drill competitions.

Safe Driver: Conducting a safe driver rodeo for high school students involving both education and competition.

Scouting: Chartering Boy Scout and/or Girl Scout units, serving as merit badge counselors, facilitating the presentation of AMVETS Eagle Scout Certificates.

Sick & Hospitalized Veterans: Sick or Hospitalized Veterans – Visiting/Helping home bound vets and/or Hospitalized Vets. Not to be confused with VAVS hours that should only be reported through the VA Medical Centers. (We do not want to double count the hours.) VAVS stands for “Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service.” VAVS only represents service at VA Medical Centers. With the exception of a few State Veteran Hospitals that have a formalized agreement with a VAMC, all other State Vet Hospitals and any and all other “hospital” Volunteer service hours and donations should be reported here. If you are a Rep or Dep, you know the drill. If you are not a “regular” VAVS volunteer, your hours provided for special occassions, could be reported by your Rep or the VAMC Chief as “occassional” hours, however, you need to ask if that is being done. If not, these hours should also be reported here and identify in the comment field, what VAMC you assisted.

Special Olympics: Serving as volunteer trainers, judges and support staff for local competitions. Providing financial assistance.

Support for National Guard Troops: Since signing a Memorandum of Understanding in late March 2005, AMVETS specific support for the Guard has really expanded. For the purpose of this special focus, we have determined the need to track this data separate from all other military support. If the support relates directly to a Family Assistance Center, please note this in the comment field.

Support Our Troops (Not Guard Specific): Support Our Troops – Conducting deployment farewells and returning celebrations, providing assistance to families by helping with children, doing repairs, etc. Providing financial assistance for phone cards, voices from home, and time/money directly to base family support units. Mailing care packages. (National Guard Specific Support should NOT be reported on this line. It has its own category.)

Vet History Project (Lib of Cong): Veterans History Project – Facilitating the gathering of Veterans stories in an organized manner and within the parameters established by the Library of Congress.

White Clover: White Clover – There are variations on this program, but the classic is the sale of the AMVETS White Clovers for the specific purpose of raising funds to assist our hospitalized veterans.

* Other (Com. Ser. – Be specific): Other (Community Service – Be specific)- This category should only be used if one of the other (18) specific categories do not match the program you are conducting. In the comment field, briefly include: “what” community service, for “who” or “what” agency?

* Dept/Nat Use Only – Serv Fdns: For Department/National level users only in reporting donations made by their respective Service Foundations. Enter the numeral “0” in the Post field. The “0” captures non-post level reporting. You must enter a brief comment/description or the data will not submit.

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