Patriotism Flag Program

Recognizing Business & Individuals in our Communities

As veterans of this great nation we take pride in our American Flag; to us it means freedom, honor and pride. The National Programs Department has adopted the Patriotism Flag Program, a “love of country” initiative created by AMVETS member Michael L. Emerson, California.

The Patriotism Flag Program, also known as the Flag Award Ceremony recognizes businesses, organizations, and individuals who fly the American Flag properly outside their establishments or homes. The honoring may be done at a Post meeting, at the business/organization’s location, and/or via the media.

“I believe this program will be a great way for AMVETS to connect to the community, show our connection and patriotism, [and] because the awards are on their wall in full display to everyone as a continuing reminder of AMVETS and veterans,” said Emerson. “This program promotes our U.S. Flag, our veterans, our local patriotic organizations, business and people. It also promotes the AMVETS organization and brand in a very positive and long lasting way.”

For more information regarding the Patriotism Flag Program please contact Programs Department at 301-683-4031 or slopez -at- amvets -dot- org.

For posts or departments that want to participate, go to the Patriotism Flag Program section of our Resources & Forms page.

*Special thanks to Fred Vineyard of New Jersey Post 911 for designing the Patriotism Award Certificate.

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