Past CBL Amendments & Resolutions

2018-2019 CBL Amendments & Resolutions

2018-2019 CBL Amendments:

Note: The following CBL Amendments and Resolutions were voted on at National Convention in Orlando on August 10, 2018. Links are pdf files; if you prefer Word Docs they are to the right of the link (Word).

CBL-01Amend Article II, Section I, AMVETS National Bylaws – Committees (Word) Rejected
CBL-02National Officer Term Limit (Word) Rejected
CBL-03Department Organization(Word) Rejected
CBL-04Monies & Collections (Word) Rejected
CBL-05Amend Nat’l Constitution/National Officers (Word) Adopted
CBL-06Sexual Harrassment Policy (Word) Adopted
CBL-07Amend Life Membership Fund Limits (Word) Adopted as Amended
CBL-08National Third Vice Commander Job Description (Word) Adopted as Amended
CBL-09Amend National Bylaws – NEC Travel Clarification (Word) Adopted
CBL-10Amend National Bylaws – NEC Travel Clarification 2 (Word) Adopted
CBL-11Amend National Constitution – NEC Committeemen Effective Date (Word) Rejected
CBL-12Amend CBL Amendment & Resolution Submission Process (Word) Rejected
CBL-13Amend National Constitution – Free Membership Veterans Day (Word) Rejected

2018-2019 CBL Resolutions:

19-01Suicide Prevention Outreach (Word) Rejected
19-02Veteran Mental Health (Word) Adopted
19-03Claims & Appeals Processing (Word) Adopted
19-04Vietnam Dust Off Crews (Word) Adopted
19-05VA Accountability (Word) Adopted
19-06Informed Consent (Word) Adopted
19-07Republic of Taiwan (Word) Adopted
19-08DPAA Support (Word) Adopted
19-09Monitor & Fund Family Caregiver Program (Word) Adopted
19-10Rural Veterans (Word) Adopted
19-11VA-DoD Mental Health Care & Funding (Word) Adopted
19-12Deported Veterans (Word) Adopted as Amended
19-13Medicinal Cannabis (Word) Adopted
19-14Lao/Hmong Combat Role in Vietnam (Word) Rejected
19-15Diversity Day (Word) Rejected
19-16New Presumptive Conditions Due to Vietnam Service (Word) Adopted
19-17Oppose Tricare Increases (Word) Adopted

2017-2018 CBL Amendments & Resolutions

2017-2018 CBL Amendments:

CBL-01Sad Sacks Membership Adopted
CBL-02Resolutions Committee Adopted
CBL-03Duties of Commander after Service Rejected
CBL-04Life Member Interest for Ads Rejected
CBL-05Dept Commanders to Vote Rejected
CBL-06Change Name of Ladies Auxiliary Rejected
CBL-07Increase NEC Stipends Rejected
CBL-08IRS Form 990 Rejected
CBL-09National Grievance Committee Rejected
CBL-10Appendix B to Bylaws Rejected
CBL-11Reimbursement Policy for Officers & Subordinates Adopted
CBL-12Amend Investment Policy Adopted
CBL-13Amend Dates of Department Conventions Adopted
CBL-14Remove National 3rd Vice Commander Position Rejected
CBL-15Update Appendix C of the National Bylaws Adopted
CBL-16Allow Sons Wives in the Ladies Auxiliary Rejected

2017-2018 Resolutions:

All Resolutions were Adopted
18-01Burial Benefits
18-02Claims & Appeals
18-03Concurrent Receipt
18-06Civilian Credentialing
18-07Employment & Housing Rights
18-08Homeless Prevention
18-09Homeless Women Veterans
18-10Veteran Preference
18-12Veteran Treatment Courts
18-13Expand Caregiver Program
18-16Toxic Exposure
18-18Women Veterans
18-19Flag Protection
18-21Republic of Taiwan
18-22VA Drug Pricing Initiatives

2016-2017 CBL Amendments & Resolutions

2016-2017 CBL Amendments:

17-01Establish a Permanent National Audit Committee ADOPTED (as amended)
17-02Establish a Permanent AMVETS Family Traditions & Protocols Committee ADOPTED
17-03The Formation of a 501(c)(3) Corporation REJECTED
17-04Establish the AMVETS National Fundraising Committee REJECTED
17-05To Establish a Permanent National Legislative Committee ADOPTED (as amended)
17-06Judge Advocate Review of Financial Instruments Valued Over $5,000 ADOPTED
17-07Amend Duties of Executive Director ADOPTED
17-24Make Permanent Veteran Suicide Awareness Committee ADOPTED (as amended)
17-25Amend Sad Sacks Membership Qualifications REJECTED
17-26Resolve Conflict in National Bylaws ADOPTED
17-27Amend AMVETS Membership Qualifications REJECTED
17-28Clarify AMVETS Membership Qualifications ADOPTED
17-30Replace Nat’l Legislative Director with Nat’l 3rd Vice & Authorize Standing Legislative Committee REJECTED
17-31Amend AMVETS Bylaws to Remove Inconsistencies REJECTED

2016-2017 Resolutions:

17-08Allow Hearing Aid Specialists as VA Providers ADOPTED
17-09Congressional Recognition of Vietnam-Era Dust Off Crews ADOPTED
17-10Need for, and Importance of, Improved VA Accountability ADOPTED
17-11Ensure that Veterans Continue to Receive First Class Anesthesia Services ADOPTED
17-12Informed Consent ADOPTED
17-13Support for Republic of Taiwan ADOPTED
17-14Fixing the VBA Claims Processing & Appeals Systems ADOPTED
17-15Support for Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) ADOPTED
17-16Improvements in the Family Caregiver Support Program ADOPTED
17-17Rural & Remote Veteran Health Care ADOPTED
17-18VA & DoD Mental Health Funding And Programs ADOPTED
17-19Veteran Status for Guard & Reserve Retirees ADOPTED
17-20Prohibit Bonuses for VA Employees ADOPTED
17-21VA Enhanced-Use Leases REJECTED
17-22Deported U. S. Military Veterans ADOPTED
17-23Support for Veteran Access to Medical Cannabis ADOPTED
17-29Recognition of the Lao-Hmong Combat Role in Vietnam ADOPTED
17-32AMVETS Celebration of Diversity Day ADOPTED
17-33New Presumptive Conditions Due To Vietnam Service ADOPTED

2015-2016 CBL Amendments & Resolutions

2015-2016 CBL Amendments:

— All CBLs and Resolutions accepted unless otherwise noted.

16-01Additional Requirements for Revalidation of Departments and Posts REJECTED
16-01aAdditional Requirements for Revalidation of Departments and Posts REJECTED
16-02AMVETS National Code of Ethics REJECTED
16-03Dues Standardization REJECTED
16-04 Article XVIII, #1, 3, & 4: Amendments – Bylaws REJECTED
16-05Article XXIII, #3 & 4: Amendments – Constitution REJECTED
16-06National 3rd Vice Commander, Bylaws Article III, Add New Section
16-07National 3rd Vice Commander, Legislative
16-08Article VII, Section 6 AMENDED
16-09Finance Committee AMENDED

2015-2016 Resolutions:

16-10Civilian Credentials for Military Training & Experience
16-11Concurrent Receipt
16-12Presumptive Condition as an Informal Claim for VA Compensation REJECTED
16-13Continue Fighting to End Veteran Homelessness
16-14Expand VA Caregiver Benefits
16-15Increase Veterans Burial Benefits
16-16Military Sexual Trauma (MST)
16-17Prosthetics and Sensory Aides
16-18Repeal Survivor Benefits Plan/Dependency & Indemnity Offset
16-19Service for Rural and Remote Veteran Population
16-20Support for HR 501, the Veterans & Servicemembers Employment Rights & Housing Act of 2015
16-21Support for the Republic of China on Taiwan
16-22Support for the State of Israel
16-23Support POW/MIA Recovery and Identification
16-24Support Veterans’ Preference in Public Employment
16-25Tinnitus & Hearing Loss Presumptive Service Connection
16-26Toxic Exposures – Veterans
16-27Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
16-28VA Claims and Appeals
16-29VA Mental Health
16-30Women Veterans’ Health Care

2014-2015 CBL Amendments & Resolutions

2014-2015 CBL Amendments:

15-01Monies and Collections REJECTED
15-01 (A) Amendment to Monies and Collections REJECTED
15-02Insurance for Departments REJECTED
15-03Department and Post Revalidation Requirement REJECTED
15-04Post Insurance Requirement REJECTED
15-05National Code of Ethics REJECTED
15-06Updates to the National Constitution REJECTED
15-07Life Membership Collection
15-08Amend National By-Laws, Article VII, Section 3
15-09Amend National By-Laws, Article VII, Section 6a REJECTED
15-10Amendment to Section 1: Article VII: Monies and Collections AMENDED
15-11Increase in Life Membership Dues REJECTED
15-12Amend National CBL Article IV, Membership Section
15-13Verifications of Veteran Status to Confirm Membership Eligibility REJECTED

2014-2015 Resolutions:

15-14Support for the Republic of China on Taiwan
15-15Claims and Appeals Backlog
15-16Support POW/MIA Recovery and Identification
15-17 – Compensate Persian Gulf War Veterans
15-18Rural and Remote Veteran Health Care
15-19Prosthetics and Sensory Aides
15-20Increase Veterans Burial Benefits
15-21Military Sexual Trauma
15-21(A)Amendment to Military Sexual Trauma REJECTED
15-22Women Veterans Health Care
15-23Increasing Travel Reimbursement Rates for Disabled
15-24Survivor Benefits Plan
15-25Protecting Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses in Federal Procurement
15-26VA and DoD Mental Health Funding and Programs
15-27Recognition of Gulf War Illnesses and the Need for Continued Research
15-28Concurrent Receipt
15-29Oppose Tricare Increases
15-30Advance Appropriations
15-31Support of the State of Israel
15-32Civilian Credentials for Military Training and Experience
15-33Veterans Priority of Service in Employment and Training Program
15-34Toxic Wounds
15-35Gold Star Dads of America
15-36End Veteran Homelessness
15-37LAO/HMONG Special Forces Honor and Recognition
15-38Recognition of USS Frank E. Evans
15-39Creation of POW/MIA Forever Stamp
15-40Proper Display of the US Flag at Half Staff
15-41Headstones for Unmarked 19th and Early 20th Century Veterans Graves
15-42Life Insurance for 100% Service Connected Veterans
15-43Support Federal Court Ruling for the National Old Soldiers Home at WLA
15-44Appropriate Rendering of the Hand Salute

2013-2014 CBL Amendments & Resolutions
2012-2013 CBL Amendments & Resolutions

2012-2013 Resolutions:

13-01Increase in life membership dues REJECTED
13-02Change in Membership Year
13-03Change in Organizational Fiscal Year
13-05American Veterans Anti-Discrimination Initiative
13-06Claims and Appeals Backlog
13-07Support POW/MIA Recovery and Identification
13-08Polytraumatic Brain Injuries
13-09Service for Rural and Remote Veteran Poplulations
13-11Honor and Remember Flag REJECTED
13-12Support for the Republic of China on Taiwan
13-13Increase Veterans Burial Benefits
13-14Military Sexual Trauma
13-15Women Veterans Healthcare
13-16Travel Reimbursement Rates
13-17Survior Benefits
13-18Small Business
13-19VA and DoD Mental Health Funding and Programs
13-20Support Veterans Preference in Public Employment
13-21Concurrent Receipt
13-22Oppose TRICARE Increases
13-23Advanced Preference REJECTED
13-24Civilian Credentials for Military Training and Experience
13-25Veterans Preference
13-26Establish Veterans Treatment Courts
13-27Authorize Cold War Service Metal
13-28Ending Veteran Homelessness
13-29Life Membership amendment REJECTED
13-30Fraud prevention controls over service-disabled veteran- owned small business
13-31Amendment to the job description for the duties of National District Commander
13-32Open Burn Pit Registry Act of 2011
13-33Gold Star Dads of America

2011-2012 CBL Amendments & Resolutions

2011-2012 Resolutions

12-01Claims and Appeals Backlog
12-02Support POWMIA Recovery and Identification
12-03Polytraumatic Brain Injuries
12-04Service for Rural and Remote Veteran Populations
12-05Women Service Members’ Gear in Theater
12-06Prosthetics and Sensory Aides
12-07Honor and Remember Flag
12-08Support for the Republic of China on Taiwan
12-09Increase Veterans Burial Benefits
12-10Military Sexual Trauma
12-11Women Veterans’ Healthcare
12-12Increasing Travel Reimbursement Rates for Disabled Veterans
12-13Survivor Benefit Plan
12-14Protecting Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business and Veteran Owned Small Businesses in Federal Procurement
12-15Department of Defense Mental Health Funding and Programs
12-16Support Veterans’ Preference in Public Employment
12-17Concurrent Receipt
12-18Veterans Mental Health Funding
12-19Oppose TRICARE Increases
12-20Flag Protection Amendment
12-21Advanced Appropriations
12-22VA Enhanced-Use Leases of Real Property
12-23Civilian Credentials for Military Training and Experience
12-24Providers of Service to Veterans Should be Veterans
12-25Veterans Preference, Veterans Priority of Service and Other Special Considerations in Employment and Training Programs
12-26Establish Veterans Treatment Courts
12-27Authorize Cold War Service Medal
12-28Separation Payment Recoupment under RIF-VSI-SSB-VSP
12-29Protection of American War Memorials, Monuments and Veterans Graves
12-30Elimination of the Department Of Veterans Affairs Means Test

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