Lowe’s AMVETS Technology Scholarships

Lowes + AMVETSThe technology industry is in a state of constant change and rapid growth. With the steady advancements in this field, it requires ambition, drive, creativity and the ability to accurately evaluate and subsequently act in the face of uncertainty. Innovation is all about solving problems. Being a part of a military family means that you have the skills to adjust, change, and even thrive in this quick-paced environment.

Applications for technology are evident in just about every aspect of our lives. From harnessing the power of technology to support a sustainable, eco-friendly way of living to cutting edge smart systems in our homes. We would be hard pressed to name any part of life where technology is not utilized.

Lowe’s recognizes the importance of technology and the necessity of hiring the best and brightest. This is why we’re searching for veterans and spouses ready for next-level opportunities with high potential in an industry where innovation is everywhere.

How will you demonstrate your ingenuity? When confronted with a problem, how will your solution distinguish you from the rest?

For those eligible veterans and spouses who exhibit the drive, skill and creativity to become leaders in technology AMVETS will offer 10 – $5,000 scholarships for students in the field of computer science.

Award announcements will be made the week of November 11.

Eligibility Requirements:

Student Veteran

Spouse of Veteran

Junior or Senior at an accredited institution

Minimum of 3.0 GPA

Must be enrolled in Computer Science

Scholarships are $5,000 per person

50% Women and Diversity Focus

Frequently Asked Questions

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