Ceremonial Rifles & Static Display

The Ceremonial Rifle Program affords posts and departments an opportunity to add dignity and class to their honor guard details at events such as funerals or parades. Under Army regulations, the secretary of the army may conditionally loan not more than 15 excess M1 Garand rifles to an eligible organization. A formal written request, signed by the Post Commander, must be submitted to the National Programs Department which-after validating good standing – will forward it to the U.S. Tank and Automotive Command (TACOM) in Warren, Michigan. TACOM will accept no requests without written approval of AMVETS National Headquarters.

Forms may be requested from the National Programs Department and downloaded.


The Process:

Complete all forms listed below. Forms must be signed by the highest-ranking personnel at your post (Post Commander, Adjutant, or Quartermaster). Send a Written Request to national headquarters for verification that the organization is in ‘good standing.’ National headquarters will forward ‘Good Standing’ requests to the TACOM Army Donations Program to be processed. TACOM then issue a Conditional Deeds of Gift (CDG) to be signed and notarized by the post’s leadership.

If everything is in order it will take on average, four to six months.


The forms you need are:

  1. Checklist for Rifles
  2. Privacy Act Notice
  3. Certificate of Arms Storage
  4. Certificate of Compliance
  5. Ceremonial Rifle Inventory
  6. Ceremonial Rifle Return Inventory
  7. Triennial Certification
  8. Qualification Checklist for donation of Combat Material – VSO
  9. Static Annual Certificate
  10. Ammo and Accoutrement Info



U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM)

ATTN: Army Donations Program, MS 419D

6501 East 11 Mile Road

Detroit Arsenal, MI 48397-5000


Direct Line: (586) 282-3295

Main Line (voicemail only): (586) 282-9861

Email: Usarmy.detroit.tacom.mbx.ilsc-donations@mail.mil


Blank Ammo must be requested from the Joint Munitions Command in Rock Island, Illinois


U.S. Army Joint Munitions Command


 2695 Rodman Ave Rock Island, IL 61299-6000


Telephone: (877) 233-2515

E-mail: usarmy.ria.jmc.mbx.carg@mail.mil



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