CBL Amendments & Resolutions

One of the most unique and powerful privileges of AMVETS membership is participating in the policy-making process. During National Convention and National Executive Committee (NEC) Meetings the AMVETS agenda, legislative priorities, programs, and membership issues are determined. Constitution & Bylaw Amendments (CBL) that are passed by the body at National Convention amend or add to the National Constitution and Bylaws; Resolutions that are passed by the body at National Convention are part of AMVETS’ legislative agenda for two years.

Any member can propose a Resolution or a CBL Amendment with Department approval, or Committee approval if you are a member of the relevant Committee. Click here for a more detailed explanation.

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2019-2020 Draft CBL Amendments & Resolutions:

2019-2020 DRAFT CBL Amendments:

Note: The following CBL Amendments and Resolutions were voted on at National Convention in Louisville, Kentucky.

CBL-02Amend Article III, Section 2, National Bylaws Rejected
CBL-02AAmend Article III, Section 2, National Bylaws Rejected
CBL-03Amend National Constitution Article VII, Section 5 Rejected
CBL-04Amend Article II Section 1 Rejected
CBL-05Amend National Constitution and Bylaws Rejected
CBL-06Amend National Constitution Article VII, Section 5 Rejected
CBL-07Amend National Constitution Article VII, Section 5 Rejected
CBL-07AAmend National Constitution Article VII, Section 5 Rejected
CBL-08Delete Article IX, Section 3A of the National Constitution Rejected
CBL-09Add new Section 3 to Article IV of AMVETS National Bylaws Adopted (as Amended)
CBL-10Amend Article XII, Section 3 of National Constitution Adopted
CBL-11Amend Article XVIII – Fundraising Rejected
CBL-12Amend Article II, Section 1, National Bylaws Rejected
CBL-13National Officer Term Limits Rejected
CBL-14AMVETS Riders Membership Adopted

2019-2020 DRAFT Resolutions:

20-01Investigate Israeli Attack on USS Liberty Adopted
20-02Expanded Eligibility for Agent Orange Related Illness Adopted
20-03Increase Veterans Burial Benefits Adopted
20-04Concurrent Receipt Adopted
20-05Tinnitus & Hearing Loss Presumptive Service-Connection Adopted
20-06VA Claims & Appeals Adopted
20-07Civilian Credentialing for Military Training & Experience Adopted
20-08Support for Veterans & Servicemembers Employment Rights & Housing Adopted
20-09Post-Traumatic Growth Adopted
20-10Continue Fighting to End Veteran Homelessness Adopted (as Amended)
20-11Strengthening Reserve & National Guard Employment Rights Adopted
20-12Support Veterans’ Preference in Public Employment Adopted
20-13Expand Eligibility for VA Family Caregiver Program Adopted
20-14Military Sexual Trauma (MST) Adopted
20-15Prosthetics & Sensory Aids Adopted
20-16Toxic Exposure Adopted
20-17Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Adopted
20-18VA Drug Pricing Initiatives Adopted
20-18AVA Drug Pricing Initiatives Withdrawn
20-19Expand Veteran Treatment Courts Adopted
20-20Support for The State of Israel Adopted
20-21U.S. Flag Protection Adopted
20-22Support for the Rescheduling/Research of Cannabis as Opioid Alternative Adopted
20-23Los Angeles VA Land Use Adopted (as Amended)
20-24Suicide Prevention Outreach Adopted (as Amended)

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