CBL Amendments & Resolutions

One of the most unique and powerful privileges of AMVETS membership is participating in the policy-making process. During National Convention and National Executive Committee (NEC) Meetings the AMVETS agenda, legislative priorities, programs, and membership issues are determined. Constitution & Bylaw Amendments (CBL) that are passed by the body at National Convention amend or add to the National Constitution and Bylaws; Resolutions that are passed by the body at National Convention are part of AMVETS’ legislative agenda for two years.

Check out proposed resolutions to be voted on during AMVETS’ 77th National Convention, which is slated to be held in New Orleans, this August. Please note, the final list of proposals will be published here after all the states hold their respective conventions this summer.

Any member can propose a Resolution or a CBL Amendment with Department approval, or Committee approval if you are a member of the relevant Committee. Click here for a more detailed explanation.

Submit a Resolution or a CBL Amendment

Additional Resources:

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