Armed Services Blood Program

The Armed Services Blood Program collects blood from the military community, for the military community—providing a connection between those who give and the sick and injured who need their help. Though there are civilian agencies that also collect and process blood, the ASBP is the only one operated by the military to meet military blood needs. Those who donate blood through the ASBP directly support their friends in need at military medical treatment facilities at home and troops deployed worldwide.

Who can Give?

Donors from all Services, government employees, retirees, and military family members are eligible to help others in the military community by donating blood through ASBP. Though travel to certain areas and some medical conditions and medications may temporarily or permanently restrict donation, most healthy adults are eligible to give blood.

Where To Give!

For more information or to locate an ASBP donor center, visit the ASBP Web site at (militaryblood.dod.mil/) and click on “Donation Locations” under Quick Links.

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