AMVETS National Commander Issues Challenge to Train 10,000 Volunteers to Confront Veteran Suicide

Contact: Miles Migliara

AMVETS National Communications Manager



AMVETS NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS – AMVETS National Commander Jan Brown sent a letter this week to the organization’s 1,100 posts, 43 state-level departments, and 6 regional districts calling for 10,000 volunteers to become trained HEAL Ambassadors by the end of the year.

Earlier this year, national staff created the “AMVETS Suicide Prevention & Crisis Intervention Course for HEAL Ambassadors” for the purpose of providing family members, caregivers, and friends of veterans at risk of self-harm or suicide with new tools to intervene and save lives. Upon completion of the course, users will join the nationwide network of HEAL Ambassadors equipped to help veterans and service members overcome crises and get the help they need.

The new course is an online, scenario-based training curriculum that presents the user with educational content then tests retention and application of the material in several simulations involving persons whose circumstances present suicide risk factors and ways to identify the red flags and intervene when necessary.

“It is so important for the entire AMVETS Family to do whatever it takes to confront veteran suicide,” said Commander Brown in the letter. “We will demonstrate to our nation what true veteran advocacy looks like, encouraging others to follow our example. Drastically reducing the incidence of veteran suicide is achievable, but it will require all hands.”

Commander Brown challenged every AMVETS Post and Department to have at least one member complete the course during the month of November and up to 10 members complete it by the end of 2019. The “AMVETS Suicide Prevention & Crisis Intervention Course” is also available to the public and can be accessed at: amvets.org/vet-heal/.

A copy of the letter can be accessed here.

The AMVETS HEAL Team mission is to ensure veterans with medical needs receive the help they have earned to access the best quality healthcare, including mental health and specialized services (traumatic brain injury, polytrauma, post-traumatic stress) and live longer, healthier lives. These services are free. Veterans, service members and family members who need immediate assistance with a VA-related healthcare issues can contact the helpline by phone toll-free at 1-833-VET-HEAL (1-833-838-4325) from 8AM to 8PM ET Monday-Friday or any time by email at VETHEAL@amvets.org.


November 9th, 2019
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