AMVETS in Action Programs

National Programs Department Mission Statement:

To provide department and post level support that will culminate in vibrant and effective programs serving veterans and this nation’s citizens.

AMVETS local and national programs are how we deliver on our promise of preserving freedoms secured by America’s armed forces and enhancing the quality of life for veterans and all citizens. Browse our programs and learn how you can support or participate.

AMVETS in Action Programs


For more information regarding AMVETS’ programs, please reach out our staff:

National Program Manager
Phone: (301) 683-4031
Email: programs -at- amvets -dot- org

Other Program Opportunities

Other Program Opportunities

National Programs ‘RED Friday’ Fundraiser

At any given time there are many service members deployed overseas away from family and close friends. We need not forget the sacrifices they make to ensure we live in a free, sovereign nation.

Wear red on Fridays and let your community know that you Remember Everyone Deployed.

All apparel on sale until April 15th. No limit on order quantity.

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