AMVETS Adopts ‘Patriot Program’


Miles Migliara
Communications Specialist

AMVETS National Adopts ‘Patriot Program’

AMVETS National Headquarters – In a move that promotes AMVETS’ national recognized Americanism program, the organization has decided to adopt the Patriot Program, a “love of country” initiative created by AMVET Michael L. Emerson.

The Patriot program, formerly known as the Flag Award Ceremony, awards businesses, organizations, and individuals who fly the American Flag outside their establishments. The program will be embraced by AMVETS posts and departments across the country, with each establishment determining how they will promote it.

The program was founded by Emerson after his post (post 911, Hayward, CA) had been chartered.

“Several years ago I was thinking of a way to connect our AMVETS Hayward Post 911, that I had just chartered, to the City of Hayward community and our other local communities,” said Emerson. “One way I chose to do this was to invent the idea of an “AMVETS Flag Award.”

“Our Post selects local businesses, organizations, and individuals who are flying the U.S. Flag everyday, and in the correct manner. Once we make our selection, I would contact the awardee, tell them about the Flag Award and how they have been selected, and invite them to attend our next Post monthly meeting. Sometimes they would not be able to attend our meeting so I, and anyone else from the Post who could attend, would go to them and present the Flag Award.”

“I believe this program will be a great way for AMVETS to connect to the community, show our connection and patriotism, and because the awards are on their wall in full display to everyone as a continuing reminder of AMVETS and veterans,” said Emerson. “This program promotes our U.S. Flag, our veterans, our local patriotic organizations, business and people. It also promotes the AMVETS organization and brand in a very positive and long lasting way.”

For more information regarding the Patriot program, please contact AMVETS National Programs Director Karla Lathroum at

AMVETS is the nation’s largest and oldest Congressionally-chartered veterans service organization that is open to and fights for all veterans who served honorably, including reservists & guardsmen. AMVETS has been a nonpartisan advocate for veterans and their families for more than 70 years.


February 12th, 2018
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