Amid Nationwide Unemployment Spike, AMVETS Partners with Military Hire

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WASHINGTON D.C. – Military Hire and AMVETS announce a partnership of their organizations in multiple efforts to support veteran transitions to civilian life.  The first major initiative between the organizations is a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) program intended to train female veterans in the area of cybersecurity, a major focus of Military Hire and its recent partnership with CompTIA.

As part of this agreement, Military Hire will provide awareness to promote the mission and message of AMVETS while connecting AMVETS to its job placement candidate and recruiter pools.  In turn, AMVETS will provide job counseling and placement services as needed to Military Hire candidates choosing those services from the Military Hire site.

“Offering STEM opportunities to Women Veterans provides hope and inspiration to the brave women who have sacrificed and served our country courageously.  They deserve every opportunity that will catapult their careers and help secure their futures”, says Cherissa Jackson, retired Air Force nurse and Chief Medical Executive of AMVETS and creator of the Women Veteran’s STEM Pilot.

The AMVETS Women Veterans’ STEM Pilot Project is open to women veterans and will launch shortly.  Military Hire and its partner CompTIA are offering discounted pricing for cybersecurity training as a part of the program. 

“The STEM program fits three major focus areas of Military Hire – female veterans,  cybersecurity training and job placement,” said Military Hire COO Robert Riegle.  “As a veteran, I understand the value of AMVETS and the full breadth of services they offer veterans.  Military Hire’s mission is around the veteran’s full life transition from military service to commercial life so this partnership was a fit and a true honor for us to engage.”

As part of the agreement, AMVETS job placement and counseling  experts will be accessible to veterans on Military Hire to aid veterans in job search skills and placement assistance.  AMVETS also provides expertise in healthcare issues affecting veterans.   AMVETS’ award winning HEAL Program, managed by Cherissa Jackson, will help Veterans with healthcare, evaluation, advocacy and legislative concerns.  This holistic approach ensures that all the needs of the Veteran are assessed and all resources are available.

American Veterans (“AMVETS”) is a veteran service organization, with 250,000 members, representing the interests of 20 million veterans and their families. AMVETS provides services, leadership, and advocacy to improve the quality of life for veterans and their families. These services include assistance with healthcare services to ensure veterans with medical needs receive access to quality healthcare care, including mental health and specialized services to live longer, healthier lives, employment assistance, and legislative advocacy to support veterans’ needs.

Military Hire is a veteran job and services organization which has the primary goal of assisting veteran transitions from military to civilian life through job placement and awareness of other services available.  Military Hire has over 600,000 veteran members and over 25,000 companies which it serves in this initiative.


Contact: Miles Migliara, National Communications Manager, AMVETS

migs@amvets.org | (301) 395-7486

May 1st, 2020
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