Quality Post and Department Recognitions

Quality Posts/Departments = Membership Retention

Here’s how to get your Post or Department recognized for your great work:

Major Features

  • Recognitions and goals are established on the Post/Department charter year.
  • During the Post/Department Revalidation process, the post/department officers do a self-evaluation and determine if they qualify as a quality Post/Department for the past year and set goals for the New Year.
  • This is a required form, page 3, of the Revalidation process to be completed as part of the required paperwork for revalidation. This page is to be submitted even if the Post/Department does not qualify for the current year because you are being asked to set goals for next year.
  • A Post/Department must re-qualify each year in order to be recognized as a Quality Post or Department.



Quality Awards

Special Note: For Posts/Departments now Revalidating on-line. You will still be required to print page 3 (Quality Post/Dept Form) of the “paper revalidation forms,” complete it and mail along with your signed copies of your Revalidation Forms.

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