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Community Health Nursing Consultant

Florida Department of Health
February 12, 2018
West Palm Beach, Florida
Job Type


This is a Senior Community Health Nursing Consultant position requiring a thorough knowledge of supervisory functions and the methods used in the prevention and control of vaccine preventable diseases. The employee in this position supervises staff in a specialized public health immunization program. Under the Division of Health Access, the Assistant Director of the FDOH, PBC provides direct supervision of this position through the immunization program. Incumbent is expected to communicate by phone, or in person, in a courteous, professional manner at all times. The incumbent will have direct responsibility for the preparation of the Immunization Program’s Annual Budget and the monitoring of expenditures and receipt of revenues throughout the fiscal year, working in conjunction with the Finance & Accounting Office to maintain budget compliance. Incumbent works with others in an effort to accomplish the goals of the Department and of the Agency as outlined in the Strategic Plan. Incumbent makes a reasonable effort to adhere to established safety procedures and practices in the work area. Responsible for the supervision of Staff within the immunization program including appraisals, planning and directing their work, approving leave, and having the authority for hiring and taking disciplinary action or effectively recommending such actions.

Confidential statement: This position is required to maintain confidential information in accordance with the Department of Health, Palm Beach County information security, policy, protocols and procedures. Confidential information data sets: Immunization data sets, Epidemiology data sets, and CFR data sets.

This position requires access to Florida SHOTS, including data logger access, merlin and clinical information in HMS that includes: demographic, financial, immunization, clinical data, TB and lab. HMS use includes review, update and release of confidential information. This position is so designated as Information Custodian and the duties of the Information Custodian are so designated in the DOH, Palm Beach County Health Department Information Security Policy, Protocols & Procedures Security Policy 3.

Supervises, motivates, plans, directs and evaluates the work of the immunization staff and community volunteers working in specialized settings, facilities and private homes. Community facilities and mobile units may be used in the immunization activities. Teaches/orients nurses to specific procedures and policy in these specialized program areas and advises staff when problems arise. Communication is facilitated by utilization of staff meetings and individual conferences, .develops and reviews nursing procedures and conducts surveys, studies and reports.

Participates in program planning, implementation and evaluation with other unit staff. Participates in in-service and orientation programs for others not under immediate supervision. Motivates employees to continue professional growth and to pursue advanced education programs. Participates as a member of the Vaccine Management Staff. Assists with medical record security within the Division of Health Access and Communicable Disease. 

Projects, prepares and monitors the Immunization Program’s annual budget each fiscal year and works in close relationship with the assigned Budget Specialist of the Finance & Accounting Office to insure revenue & expenses remain within the parameters projected. Updates Budget Module monthly and attends any meetings related to the Immunization programs’ budget and/or FDOH-PBC budget overall.

"Establishes community partnerships to support immunization efforts throughout Palm Beach County through community outreaches publicized on the immunization calendar.  Also organizes and supports the efforts othe Palm Beach County Immunization Coalition which meets monthly with community partners to discuss vaccine issues for adults and children, as well as providing community education through the annual immunization update."

Supports efforts to improve the immunization status of the employees of DOH, Palm Beach County through the employee Flu vaccine campaign and other campaigns by working with the immunization staff throughout the county.

Provides educational support on immunizations for new nurses throught the immunization orientation class, as well as the monthly Immunization Management Meeting for Immunization Managers.

Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Assistant County health Department Director or Director of FDOH-Palm Beach County.

Knowledge, skills and abilities, including utilization of equipment, required for the position:

  • A thorough knowledge of supervisory functions & methods used in the prevention and control of vaccine preventable diseases.
  • Current experience and knowledge in the assessment of immunizations & vaccine storage & handling.
  • Ability to teach/orient nurses & community partners to specific procedures & policies in a specialized immunization program.
  • Possess computer skills related to Florida SHOTS.

Licensure/registration/certification requirements (If applicable, list the appropriate Florida Statute or federal regulation cite):

This occupation requires licensure as a registered Professional Nurse in accordance with Chapter 464, Florida Statutes, and eligible to practice nursing in accordance with Florida Administrative Code 210-8.22 or 8.27.

Other job-related requirements for this position:

Incumbent may be required to work before, during and/or beyond normal work hours or days in the event of an emergency.  Emergency duty required of the incumbent includes working in special needs or Red Cross shelters, or performing other emergency duties including, but not limited to, responses to or threats involving any disaster or threat of disaster, man-made or natural.

Working hours: (A) Daily from 8:00 to 5:00 (B) Total hours in workweek 40 (C) Explain any variation in work (split shift, rotation, etc.) Some evening & weekend work hours required.

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