National Desert Storm War Memorial

Contest Winners

2018 Memorial Day Sweepstakes Winners

$10,000 – David Simcox – East Moline, IL
$5,000 – Lowell Kennedy Flickinger – Prince George, VA
$2,500 – Alice C. Latray – Dade City, FL
$1,000 – David LaFond – Sebring, FL
$500 – Milton E. Waters – Chesapeake, VA
$500 – Dwight E. Goble – Winamac, IN
$500 – Michael W. Hoffart – Bismarck, ND
$500 – Curtis O. South – Cayuga, IN
$500 – James Hamrick – Wilmington, DE
$500 – Steven W. Otto – Bangor, MI

2017 Veteran Friendly Employer of the Year Winners

The AMVETS Veteran Friendly Employer of the Year Awards program recognizes employers who make a commitment to including veterans in their organizational culture through both their hiring practices and community involvement.

Over 750 Employees:
Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Carolina

500-750 Employees:
Walmart Distribution Center #6858, North Carolina

Under 500 Employees:
Sodexo Government East, North Carolina

2017 AADAA Contest Winners

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade
First Place: Alli Lueloff, WI
Second Place: Madison Hoyle, NE

3rd – 5th Grade
First Place: Anthony Hoyle, NE
Second Place: Kendra Dritzl, WI
Third Place: Madisyn Fogle, MD

6th – 8th Grade
First Place: Reese Fox, MD (6th Grade)
Second Place: Savanna Henderson, MD (7th Grade)
Third Place: Ashlin Broz, NE (6th Grade)

9th – 12th Grade
First Place: Bonnie Medlart, MD (10th Grade)
Second Place: Lazarus B., TX (9th Grade)
Third Place: Brenton D., TX (10th Grade)

2017 Americanism Contest Winners

6th Grade
First Place: Zachary Jenkins, OH
Second Place: Clare E. Scott, MO
Third Place: Maximillian A. Glanzer, MI

7th Grade
First Place: Dream Marie Frase, TN
Second Place: Savannah Fish, MI
Third Place: Drew Valleroy, MO

8th Grade
First Place: Macaedin Nguyen, OH
Second Place: Charlie Floyd, NC
Third Place: Sydney KolaKovich, MI

10th Grade
First Place: Rebekah Toelier, WI
Second Place: Clay Durham, Paris, TN
Third Place: Trevor Lambert, OH

11th Grade
First Place: Palwinder Dhillon, CA
Second Place: Kalyn Mccomas, NC
Third Place: McKenzie Mallek, WI

12th Grade
First Place: Elizabeth Ann Allen, TN
Second Place: Taylor Jones, NC
Third Place: Noah Lambert, OH

Note: All 9th grade state winners get an all-expense paid trip to the Freedom’s Foundation Youth Conference at Valley Forge, PA in November.

2017 Americanism Poster and Coloring Winners


2nd Grade
First Place: Lucas Hickam, MO
Second Place: Alexa Cervantes, CA
Kiaryn Johnson, NY

3rd Grade
First Place: Evi Pichardo, TX
Second Place: Logan Reson, MD
Third Place: Aspen Groskreutz, WI

4th Grade
First Place: Karley Gange-Gerhardt, ND
Second Place: Carly Kalway, NH
Third Place: Clara Malloy, MI

5th Grade
First Place: Madison Taeger, IA
Second Place: Clorissa Nelson, ND
Third Place: Aubrey Luce, NY


First Place: Madison Hoyle, NE
Second Place: Camila Arias Garcia, CA
Third Place: Sydni Taylor, TN

1st Grade
First Place: Penny Bunk, NY
Second Place: Aarushi Narwal, CA
Third Place: Valayah Sky St. Clair, ND

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