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Combating Discrimination

The Goal: AMVETS is seeking protected status for all American Veterans to give them every advantage in finding gainful employment.

Employment discrimination is a key area where veterans are at a disadvantage compared to non-veterans. The nearly cost-neutral Anti-Discrimination Initiative would make employers more aware of the value of actively hiring veterans and providing legal recourse to veterans experiencing employment discrimination.

The anti-discrimination initiative will:

The anti-discrimination initiative WILL NOT:

Veteran Anti-Discrimination Position Paper

The AMVETS Vision: A world in which all American Veterans have unlimited employment opportunities, a world where all employers engage in self-analysis for the purpose of discovering and breaking down barriers to equal employment prospects for each and every American Veteran. In this world, employers willingly take positive actions to ensure that American Veterans are appropriately employed not simply because they make outstanding employees, but also out of respect for their service to this nation.

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Veteran Anti-Discrimination Electronic Issue Card

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VFW and NGAUS Join AMVETS in Fight to End Discrimination

Veterans of Foreign Wars and National Guard Association of the US have endorsed the American Veterans Anti-Discrimination initiative, a national legislative effort to protect veterans from unfair treatment in employment, housing and all areas of public life.

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