AMVETS Voices Support for Veterans Day Military Parade


Contact: John Hoellwarth

National Communications Director

AMVETS (American Veterans)

(703) 628-9621

AMVETS National Headquarters, May 4, 2018 – The Pentagon announced plans in March to hold a special parade on or around Veterans Day. The parade, according to Defense Department officials, will take place in the nation’s capital in honor of veterans who have served in the military from the Revolutionary War through the present era.

A provision was unveiled today by Chairman Mac Thornberry to be included in the upcoming House Armed Services Committee’s annual defense authorization bill, authorizing a parade in the nation’s capital to show “to honor and celebrate 100 years of patriotic sacrifice in a way that expresses appreciation and admiration.”

“A military parade will be costly and will tap many resources, including manpower, equipment, and the logistics required to make it happen,” said Joe Chenelly, executive director of AMVETS. “But the greater cost is the military recruitment problem our country suffers, largely because too many Americans have no real relationship with the military. This parade could offer such a connection, particularly among the youth who will see our brave service members up close and can envision themselves in uniform.”

The last military parade held in Washington D.C. occurred in 1991 following the end of the Persian Gulf War. The parade was the largest military celebration since the end of World War II. To date, official national parades commemorating the veterans who fought in Korea or Vietnam have not taken place.

“This parade will also give our country an opportunity to honor those who fought in Vietnam and came home to abuse and protests instead of the appreciation and parades they deserved,” said Chenelly. “It won’t heal all wounds at this point, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.”

AMVETS is the nation’s most inclusive Congressionally-chartered veterans service organization. It is open to and fights for all veterans who served honorably, including reservists & guardsmen. AMVETS has been a nonpartisan advocate for veterans and their families for more than 70 years.


May 4th, 2018
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