AMVETS Silver Helmet Awards

The 2019 Awards will be presented at our National Convention

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2018 Honorees

Silver Helmet Awards

Civil Service Award:
Fernando O. Rivera

Congressional Service Award:
The Honorable Daniel Akaka

Rehabilitation Award:
Dr. Murray Altose

AMVET of Year Award:
PNC Jerry Hotop

AMVETS Riders Guardian Award
Dr. Megan McCarthy

Nominations for the Silver Helmet Awards originate with individual AMVETS members and AMVETS posts‚ and are endorsed by the respective state AMVETS honors and awards committees prior to the AMVETS national convention in August.

The AMVETS National Honors and Awards Committee‚ composed of all past national commanders and the last five “AMVET-of-the-Year” awardees‚ reviews the nominations and makes recommendations to the convention to determine the recipients.

Nomination Form

The AMVETS Silver Helmet Award‚ a unique silver replica of the World War II GI helmet‚ has over the years acquired a well-deserved reputation as the most prestigious of all the awards given by veterans organizations and is now known as the “Veterans Oscar.”

The AMVETS Silver Helmet Awards ceremony recognizes excellence and outstanding accomplishment in the fields of Americanism, defense, rehabilitation, congressional and civil service.

In addition to the Silver Helmet Awards, the AMVETS Auxiliary, since 1976, presents the Humanitarian Award to an outstanding American who serves our country in peace and war, who builds and maintains the welfare of the United States of America toward lasting prosperity and peace for all its inhabitants. The Sons of AMVETS also recognize a distinguished civic leader for their National Aid and Support.

The AMVETS Silver Helmet Awards Gala is held annually during the AMVETS Spring National Executive Committee meeting week. In addition to AMVETS members, the audience includes cabinet members‚ members of Congress and military officials who come to pay tribute to the recipients of the award and AMVETS.

Honoree Gallery

Click here for a list of Notable Honorees | Click here for a full list of Past Honorees

The Silver Helmet was first presented at the AMVETS 10th Anniversary Dinner to World War II hero and diplomat General of the Army George C. Marshall‚ in recognition of his contributions as a soldier‚ statesman and American.

Former President Harry S. Truman receives the 1958 Americanism award.

President Dwight Eisenhower receives the 1959 Peace award.

Vice President Richard Nixon and Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Johnson compare their awards at the 1960 Silver Helmets.

Henry Kissinger receives the 1972 Peace award.

Pope Paul VI at the 1981 Silver Helmets to receive the Peace award.

Eleanor Roosevelt receives the 1962 Peace award.

Colin Powell receives the 1991 Defense award.

President George H.W. Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush receive their Silver Helmet Awards

George W. Bush receives the Gold Helmet award in 2003.

Wayne Newton receives the Americanism award in 2005.


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